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a bit about me:

I am an art director and I love what I do. After 4 years of studying advertising, I will graduate from the Academy of Art (San Francisco/ US) in 2014 with diploma.


When I start a project, I do not always take a particular approach, or follow a specific pattern. I do not have a universal formula. In the first instance, I weigh up which strategies make the most sense for the given brief. On some jobs it is very useful – and necessary – to have a clear concept from the outset, and prepare sketches before getting into detail. On other jobs, I start with only rough ideas or visual fragments in my mind, and the story or idea that I’m illustrating develops over the course of the design process, coming together piece by piece. The latter is my preferred way to work – allowing ideas to flow, until the fragments and thoughts organically develop into strong, concrete concepts.


Thanks for stopping by and your interest in my portfolio, which contains a selection of my works from the last few years. Feel free to contact me regarding any request, need or encouragement, you may have.

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